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What’s new in the field of road tunnel air treatment ?

publié le 20 octobre 2017

The CETU has just published an updated version of the information document « The treatment of air in road tunnels »

This version includes a presentation of the new treatment techniques developed very recently, as well as a feedback on the older installations already presented in the previous version, which dates back to 2010.

Very few tunnels in the world are equipped with air treatment systems. Some older installations have been shut down because of low performance in relation to their costs, and no significant installation has been built in Europe since 2010. Research has been done to develop new techniques (photocatalysis, depolluting concrete, biofiltration), and although some have shown encouraging potential and have gone beyond the experimental phase, their effectiveness at affordable cost is still unproven.

The document can be downloaded free from the CETU website :
Information document on « The treatment of air in road tunnels »