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New release of CAMATT software

publié le 16 d├ęcembre 2011

Since its launch in 2003, CAMATT has grew to become an acclaimed software in France and beyond for :
 • sizing tunnel ventilation systems (longitudinal, transverse, semi-transverse or mixed)
 • assessing smoke control strategies and performing specific hazard investigation required for all tunnels above 300 m by French regulations

This 2.20 new release of CAMATT introduces a more ergonomic graphical user interface, improves the numerical convergence of calculations and offers new features such as :
 • modelling a fire, traffic or equipments in a ramp
 • viewing traffic distribution within a tunnel and any related ramps at any given time
 • computing under steady state conditions the distribution of pollutants in a tunnel and any related ramps during normal operating conditions
 • controlling similar devices with ease
 • simple duplication of a selected case

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Price : 1,000 € HT

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